Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Soon, this page will cease pointing to a storyblog, and will instead display actual information about Ricky's Spooky House and other productions of Li'l Eddie Books.  However, it does not yet do that.  While you wait, why not go check out the online store and buy yourself a copy of the book?

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I No Longer Feel Good About Shadows

Hello, internet,

Have you ever found yourself in a room with many people, but talking to none of them?  Your attention wanders, and you look around the room.  Your eyes travel aimlessly, yet somehow, just as your gaze is drifting across someone's head, they turn and meet your eyes directly.  What do you do in that moment?  Do you maintain eye contact, issuing a challenge, daring them to ask why you were looking?  Or do you look quickly away, pretending not to have seen the moment of eye contact?  And do you ever wonder what they think, in that moment?

I think I locked eyes with something from Away.  Eyes, more or less.  I did not mean to, and I dropped my gaze as a guilty person would, and I do not know what this creature will take it to mean.  Worse, I was flustered and left in a hurry, and I am not sure I counted my steps correctly.  I came Toward, but I do not know if I am where I started.  The people respond to the same names, and the ants are the right size again, so I believe that I am close.  But I feel that joints are not quite right.  Legs, arms and fingers all overreach; necks turn a bit too far.  Doors and closets yawn just a bit too much.

It may be in my head.  But so many things are, these days.

Li'l Eddie

Friday, October 11, 2013

I Am an Explorer

Hello, internet,

I have concluded that I cannot see into the new directions I have noticed, toward and away.  I have been trying quite hard, but I cannot find any way to look into them.  Perhaps it cannot be done, or perhaps I am simply not cut out for it.  This is disappointing, but I am not entirely disheartened, as I believe I have discovered something better.

I cannot look to away, but I think I can walk to it.  It took much concentration, much focus and bearing not a little taunting in the schoolyard, but I managed to take a step or two away.  And just as walking away from something -- regular away, not new away.  Perhaps I should capitalize it? -- just as walking away causes the things you have left to become smaller, and the things you approach to become bigger, so did perspective shift around me.

Have you ever seen an insect in amber?  My mother had a stone with a fly in it, and I would stare into it, thinking about what the fly felt.  The sticky touch upon its body, the inexorable pressure closing in around it.  A force it cannot properly see or comprehend, completely encapsulating it and trapping it forever.

Stepping Away is not easy.  There is much resistance to this sort of motion.  But if a hamster can do it, I must be able to, as well.  I cannot move with the speed he does, but I can take a hesitant step or two.

Things change.  I had assumed that everything I could see was here, but when I stepped Away, not everything got smaller.  Some things grew larger; I think ants might be far Away, which is something of a concerning thought.  I have stepped on a lot of ants.  I hope the others do not recognize me.

I recall now that the hamster came back with fewer toes than he had left with.  I may want to take some precautions before I continue trying new travels.

Sincerely yours,
Li'l Eddie

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Directions are Complex

Hello, internet,

Today, I saw the hamster leave.  He did not know I was watching, I think.  I do not understand it, but I saw him become more distant without traveling away.  He was scurrying in place, more or less, but just as a person traveling away down a road becomes smaller and smaller, so too did the hamster vanish into the distance without ever leaving the spot in his cage.

I think perhaps there are more directions than I had previously believed.  Up, down, left, right, forward, back; perhaps also toward and away, not as relative concepts, but as absolutes.  The hamster went away, and will have to come toward to return.  Better terms might be needed.

I wonder if I can travel away?  For that matter, I wonder if there are things farther toward than I am?

Your friend,
Li'l Eddie

Monday, October 7, 2013

I Perceive a Web

Hello, internet,

What an eventful weekend I had!  On Saturday, a long and uninteresting chain of events led to me being punished for something that was not my fault.  I will not address the details now, as I am still aggrieved at the unfair treatment I received.  In any case, it was merely the triggering circumstance, as without this blatantly unreasonable punishment, I would not have been doing various menial chores around the house on such a pleasant day.

In cleaning the ashes out of the fireplace, however, I found the edge of a sheet of paper.  Nearly all of it had been burned away, but on the remaining scrap, I read a few letters:



I have no idea what the first lines might have said, but I am as certain of the missing words on the final one as if I had written them myself: Destroy this note like the others.

I am involved in a conspiracy, though I do not know around what it revolves.  I am unfamiliar with the principal players on either side; I cannot tell you who is hiding information, or from whom.  Clearly, I am one of those seeking to expose the conspiracy; indeed, given the handwriting on the notes, there is some reason to believe I may be more than one of them.

The promised details have not yet appeared, but I think that perhaps I am ready to take a more active role in the procurement of said details.

Your friend,
Li'l Eddie

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Have Enlisted My Own Help

Hello, internet,

I found a note with my name on it in my desk today.  It was only two lines long, but they were very intriguing.  It read:
I think I am close to finding the truth. Details will follow soon.

Destroy this note like the others.
To the best of my knowledge, I have not received any other notes.  I am certain it was meant for me, as it had my name written upon the outside in the same handwriting.  In fact, now that I think upon it, the handwriting was oddly like my own; that was not simply my name, but my name as I write it.  I may be imagining this, but I cannot check, for I ate the note.  I am not sure how the other notes were destroyed, if indeed there ever were other notes, but this seemed a fairly thorough way of going about it.

If I am writing to myself, I wonder from where?  And if I should consider myself trustworthy?  Most people would, I think, but I know rather more about myself than they, and I can think of situations and motives which would render me an unsafe keeper of trust.

For now, I think I will wait for details, and spend the time examining those blurred holes in my life.

Cordially yours,
Li'l Eddie

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Think I Was Expected to Wear Them

Hello, internet,

This is going to sound crazy. I know that, I am aware of it, but it is nonetheless true. Before me on the floor of my room are a pair of socks, and they are not mine.

No one else has been in here. I have no friends over, and my parents have not been in my room, nor are they particularly inclined to deposit footwear on my floor.  In any case, the socks would not fit them; they appear sized for my feet.  Indeed, they resemble my socks in every particular.  However, I know, with a deep certitude, that I have never seen these socks before.

I do not understand what they are doing here, or where they have come from.  I know only that I will not pick them up, will not add them to the closet or the bag of clothes for washing.  These infiltrators can remain here on the floor until whatever deposited them comes back to retrieve them.  I will have none of it.

Watch your feet, internet.  This may not be an isolated incident.

Your friend,
Li'l Eddie